simple recipe of yummy strawberry milk shake.

benefits of strawberries.;

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins C and K as well as providing a good dose of fibrefolic acid, manganese and potassium.

now i am going to tell you my all time favourite recipe of yummy and tasty milk shake. it just refresh your day with its delicious sweetness.

drink it in the morning with your break fast or as a break fast. it also make you feel full and refresh.


  • milk                                 3/4 glass
  • strawberries                  5-7
  • sugar                               1 tbs
  • vanilla ice cream          1 scoop
  • ice                                    as needed.


add all the above ingredients in the blender and blend it well until it turns smooth and frothy .


serve this on you favourite glass with half cut strawberry on the edge of it,and enjoy it. i prefer it on mason jar.

hope you like this.

lots of love.